Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Real-time Interactive Nigerian Stocks Analysis Portal

You asked and I have delivered. And I want to say a big thanks to everyone who kept asking and nudging me do to this -- I am happy to say its done.

Everyday, it automatically updates with the close of trading day price (for now set to 12 midnight, will adjust to late afternoon). It also shows the historical price from as far back as year 2002. That is something you won't get on any other platform for free. And the best part is that it is very interactive, I built it more like I do dashboards for very high paying clients.

It also allows you to compare the important financial statement lines of the stocks you are interested in: from Revenue, Net Profit, Return on Equity, Return on Assets, Total Assets, Gross Margin, Cashflow from Operations, Cashflow from Financing, Cashflow from Investing, Net Cash Flow, Current Assets, Current Liabilities to Total Liabilities.
And all very visual.
It has a scroll bar that shows you the latest closing price of all the stocks.
At the backend, I have a program that populates an Azure SQL database table with the closing prices for the stocks. I already have a stockpile of the annual reports of the companies from as far back as 2001 (you can check them out and download for free at https://www.slideshare.net/olafusimichael/presentations). Each year, I update the financial statement metrics from the Income Statement, Balance Sheet and Cash Flow.

Important Notice

Due to the hard work involved, I only cover the most active stocks on the Nigerian Stock Exchange. If there is any you would like to see that isn't there, do let me know and I may include it. Also there is an error in the Total Assets and Total Equities line for a couple of the bank stocks, I am working on making the correction. Other than that, all is working great (hopefully) and I use it for my own stock analysis. And that is the big edge, it is like I am sharing my quantitative stock analysis model with you all for free and in a very beautiful (to see and use) dashboard.
There are no 2016 financial metrics in yet. I am still gathering all the 2016 annual reports. Some companies have made theirs available online in the last two weeks, some are yet to. Maybe I won't wait till I have them all before I start the financial metrics extraction. I have already gotten for GTBank, First Bank, Total Nigeria, Access Bank, Dangote Cement, Cadbury, PZ and a few other companies.
The whole set-up (programming, hosting, virtual machine, SQL server etc) costs me money and I often pay freelance finance analysts to help share the work of extracting the data from the PDF annual reports into our standardized model. One day, I will put a door that opens only to paid subscription in front of it. So enjoy while its free!

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