Tuesday, July 5, 2016

How To Add Additional Charts (Custom Visuals) To Power BI

Yesterday was demo day for me. I did a demo of Power BI for a client for another client. It was the third time I am officially demo-ing Power BI to a large company, and increasingly companies are beginning to give Power BI serious considerations.

In today's post I will be focusing on custom visuals for Power BI -- new chart types you can add to Power BI.

Power BI comes with 27 visualizations (charts), you can easily increase them to over 70 by installing custom visuals, like I have done.

And they are very easy to install. Just head to https://app.powerbi.com/visuals/ and download the ones you like (I recommended at least the Word Count visual).

Next is to import to Power BI Desktop.

And that's it! Now you can add as many custom visuals as you want and create very beautiful dashboards to stay on top of your business data.

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