Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Cluster and Word Cloud Analysis of Tweets About Buhari Today Using R

Last week I wrote about doing a sentiment analysis of tweets about the President using Python's Sentiwordnet and Vader. Today, I switched to R and did a clustering and word cloud of the tweets about President Buhari.

Below are the steps I took:
  1. I imported all the necessary libraries.
  2. I connected to Twitter and created a search stream to gather tweets about Buhari
  3. I saved the results in a csv file with append set to true so I can keep piling up the search results from different time of the day. Then I removed punctuation and stopwords.
  4. I extracted the most frequently used words and created a word cloud from them. Lastly, I did a clustering of the words.
The require statements that were struck out were of libraries I didn't use but forgot take out before the screenshot

Below is a screenshot of the scrapped tweets.

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