Friday, May 2, 2014

Nigeria’s most innovative business data analysis firm

OUR MISSION: To give our clients the business intelligence edge they need using tools they already have.
UrBizEdge is a registered business data analysis and consulting firm in Nigeria. We specialise in helping companies be on top of their business data. We focus exclusively on the world’s most used and most flexible business intelligence tool: Microsoft Excel.
We have the only Microsoft Excel Most Valuable Professional in Africa. And there are just about 125 in the whole world. It’s the highest recognition Microsoft gives an independent industry expert.
Our Corporate Excel training is unlike other trainers’. We don’t do fixed outlines and force your staff/team to learn things they don’t need. We work with your team to develop an outline that will immediately impart their productivity and focus exclusively on your business needs.
Don’t place the training of your core team in the hands of unfocused trainers, jack of all trainings. We are 100% Excel focused.
Your team deserves the best and from the best.
In business, speed and accuracy makes all the difference. And that’s what we get you by automating as many processes as possible for you. We eliminate human errors, and get you a powerful tool that is just a mouse click away.

Your business depends on things done right always and on time. As many as 10 ad-hoc reports are required in a day.
Business decisions are based on reports from today’s data. Professionally made reports that are easy to read and act upon.
We are who you need. Reliable and professional business data analysis experts. Always on 24/7.
Michael Olafusi

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